• Improved battery life
  • Durable design
  • Charging on the move
  • Updated touch operability
  • Dual Memory card slots


  • Little heavy

Nikon has officially announced that they plan to release a new type of DSLR camera this year that will undoubtedly wow serious photographers.

This is the classic Nixon D780. It incorporates everything that a serious photographer would ever need in a full-frame camera to boost their creativity.

The camera is an improvement of the Nikon D750 that was released in September 2014. The new D780 DSLR includes the latest technology, as well as some of the top features present in the Z series. This gives it a profound ability to capture anything from detailed night skies, breathtaking landscapes, and even fast-action sports.

Although it appears just like any other DSLR on the outside, the inside features have majorly improved. It feels very comfortable on the hands, and you can use it for shooting weddings, wildlife, streets and as production equipment. Here is a detailed review of the Nixon D780 camera.

Updated 24.5MP BSI CMOS sensor

The D780 comes with a remarkable 24.5-pixel count BSI CMOS sensor to offer breathtaking image quality. It also provides fast readout speeds as well as high-quality lowlight performance. Its BSI design, together with the EXCEED 6 image processor, comes in handy to ensure you get high-quality images, and you get to experience reduced noise when working using a full range of between 1SO 100 and a maximum of ISO 15200.

Also, the D780 brings forth a sensitivity expansion of as much as ISO 204,800 that’s ideal for shooting at extremely low light and can even go as low as ISO 50.

The 273-point hybrid autofocus system

Another exciting feature included in the D780 camera is the 273-point hybrid autofocus system borrowed from the Nixon Z6 to enable live view shooting.

With the hybrid autofocus system, you can automatically switch from focal-plane phase-detection autofocus right to contrast-detect autofocus depending on the current situations as well as the conditions.

The 273 focus points cover an approximate coverage of ninety percent of the frame both horizontally and vertically. This makes it easier for photographers to focus subjects at the frame edges.

As well, the D780 comes with eye detection autofocus that accurately and automatically detects human eyes when you are shooting still photography, therefore, enhancing the flexibility of your portrait photographs. You will surely enjoy seamless and natural autofocus in various scenes regardless of if you are using either a viewfinder or a monitor for shooting stills together with movies.

This live view autofocus system can focus down as low as -4EV or even -6EV when it comes to the slower low light autofocus function.

51-point AF system

For photographers who fancy optical viewfinder shooting, the Nikon D780 features a 51-point autofocus system just like the Nikon D750. It employs 51-point phase-detection points to achieve quick and accurate focus when shooting subjects.

The optical viewfinder focus system brings forth 15 cross-type points along with an advanced scene recognition system (180K pixel) for more excellent color production as well as exposure.

The manufacturer, Nikon, also says that the optical viewfinder system can go down to -4EV to help photographers focus when shooting at extremely low light conditions and even track moving subjects such as wildlife quite fast.

Video on Nikon D780

The Nikon780 also features advanced video qualities that are present in the Z6 mirrorless camera. As opposed to other DSLRs cameras, which are limited to 1080/60p, just like the D750, it can shoot UHD 4K to a maximum of 30p (it can also shoot at 24p as well as 25p).

Moreover, this high-end DSLR camera can also shoot to a maximum of 120 fps offering more significant slow-motion shooting in Full HD 1080p. You can choose to save the video recordings in the memory cards that come with the camera. Alternatively, you can keep them as an uncompressed file to a selected external recorded with the help of HDMI input.

The D780 camera also offers great flexibility through 10-bit output made possible with N log 5 as well as hybrid log gamma support (HDR). This takes flexibility and functionality to the next level during the postproduction process.

The high-end camera also makes it possible to improve your creativity through advanced cinematic functions when shooting videos. These include features like the interval timer, focus peaking, zebra stripes, and the in-camera time-lapse recording.

Fast shooting speeds

The D780 highlights impressive continuous shooting speeds of up to 7fps viewfinder mode and up to 12fps when shooting in live view mode. Moreover, the D780 has a shutter speed of a fantastic 1/8000 seconds compared to that of the D750 that is 1/4000 seconds.

Nikon D780 back

Nikon has also improved the shutter control making it possible to shoot at a controlled duration of up to 900 seconds that is ideal for night shooting. You will get to enjoy incredible resolution even when you are shooting in RAW format.

Additional Advanced Features Nikon D780

  1. WIFI & Bluetooth connectivity – The D780 comes with advanced Bluetooth and WIFI connectivity to offer seamless transfer of images to your laptop or smartphone through the manufacturer’s snap bridge application.
  2. In-camera creative filters – It is also worth to mention that the Nikon D780 camera comes with various in-camera innovative image controls along with a special effects mode so you can enjoy enhancing your photos and videos to appear more intriguing.
  3. Focus stacking – Another remarkable aspect of the D780 is the focus shift feature that offers the much-needed depth of field for landscape, product, and macro photographers. It makes this possible by allowing the user to shoot a series of shots at various focus distances, after which they can employ a third party software to help them achieve highly detailed images compromising of thee focus points.

Built Just like a Nikon

The build of the Nikon780 is mostly similar to the Nikon 750 in terms of the size, shape control layout, and even the general button. In maintains the elegant look of a classic Nikon DSLR.

  • Improved battery life

Comes with a lithium-ion battery offers an average of 2260 shots per charge, increasing the battery life significantly when compared to the D750.

  • Durable design

The D780 features robust construction and integrates all the weather sealing elements making an excellent choice for shooting in the field where the weather conditions are extremely unpredictable.

  • Charging on the move

The high-end camera also includes TYPE C USB compatibility for more convenience when loading the camera and when transferring files on the go.

  •  Updated touch operability

The Nikon D780 additionally has a Large 3.2″ 2.36m-dot LCD screen at the rear that highlights a tilting design to make it easier for photographers to shoot conveniently at low as well as high angles. It is a touch screen to offer a more intuitive user experience.

  •  Dual Memory card slots

The camera features dual UHS-II SD card slots to ensure fast read, write speed, and offer more flexibility in terms of file storage.

Price and availability of Nikon 780

The Nikon D780 will be made available late in January this year with a suggested body only configuration price of $2,299.95. The cost of the single kit configuration, including the AF-S 24-120 f/4G ED VR lens is suggested at $2,799.95.

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