Are you just about to shoot a wedding for the very first time? Maybe you have already shot several weddings and looking for ways in which you can improve your work? In this article, we will discuss how to take wedding photos.

Well, shooting weddings can be very daunting and impressively rewarding at the same time. You need to capture all the intriguing moments during the wedding that the happy couple will cherish for the rest of their lives and of course, ensure everyone else looks their best.

That said, having useful wedding photography tips which you can always refer to is of utmost importance. Here are tips to click the best pictures during your next wedding shoot not matter your skill level.

1.Know the couple well

It is always a great idea to get to know more about the couple that has hired you during your initial meetings. Ask them a few personal questions before getting down to the main wedding details, as well as the contract.

It is always a great idea to get to know more about the couple that has hired you during your initial meetings. Ask them a few personal questions before getting down to the main wedding details, as well as the contract.

As well, getting to know more about the couple also makes them feel you are showing genuine concern and are not merely looking out to make money. The couple will also get to feel more comfortable having you around.

This dramatically helps to reduce tension during the wedding photography sessions since most couples are usually very tense.

You will also have an added advantage when you take their prenuptial photos. This gives both parties enough time to get familiar with each other before the big day. During this session, you can get to know their best angles that bring out the chemistry between them. Besides, it will help them feel at ease when you take their photos.

2.Arm yourself with all the right gear

Even the most experienced wedding photographers find themselves in unchartered waters when they reach the wedding venue only to find out they carried a broken camera.

This makes you appear very unprofessional during the wedding, and the couple may even regret why they ever hired you for their big day.

Before leaving the house, confirm that you have carried all your photography gear, and each one of them is in great shape to get the job done appropriately.

For instance, check that you have packed camera batteries, chargers as well as memory cards that are some of the essential gear to have at hand.

Moreover, before the wedding, it is excellent to invest in the best quality photography gear. Have quality back-up cameras as well as lenses that you can afford and offer exemplary performance when capturing a wide range of scenes.

As well, do invest in an excellent tripod stand to achieve steadier and sharper wedding images. Consider getting a single wide-angle lens or one prime lens that will enable you to maneuver easily between guests without drawing lots of attention towards you.

Wide-angle lenses are ideal when it comes to capturing wedding group shots while telephoto lenses are for taking the best photos when you are shooting from quite a distance.

Try testing your equipment beforehand and even various camera settings that you are not familiar with and with flashes so you can make the most out of them during the wedding day. Consider carrying your laptop with you so you can save all photos in real-time to prevent any chance of losing your precious wedding photos.

3.Build up a customized shot checklist

No matter the wedding photography style you plan to use, it is always essential to have a personalized shot checklist that the bride and groom will find impressive.

Try to memorize the shot checklist, so you do not miss some of the most intricate details during the wedding day. Couples are nowadays looking for wedding photographers who will capture the most exquisite details of the weddings and give fun memories of how the wedding case was, how lovely guests were, the beautiful venue, and so on.

Have a meeting with the couple before the big day and get ideas from them about what they want you to include in the custom wedding shot checklist.

The custom shot list should consist of a collection of shots from family shots, reception shots, décor and details, cake shots, closest friend shots, entourage, and much more.

You can also browse hundreds of shot lists on the internet to get more inspiration for your personalized shot list. If you feel that you cannot remember all the details in the custom shot list, it advisable to print a copy or save on your phone for an easier time.

 4.Become a second shooter

Photographing a wedding is such a big affair, and the last thing you would want is to end up ruining someone’s big day. If you are still not confident about taking up the whole job yourself, it is good to join a professional photographer and become a second or assistant shooter during the wedding.

This is a very brilliant idea given that you will learn new photography tips and tricks that you can apply during your next shoot. You will not have a hard time getting a professional photographer to work with since there are many photographers out there who are more than willing to pay assistants regularly.

5.Explore The Location

It is also important to scout the wedding location several times before the wedding day so you can get a feel of what you will be working on. This helps you to identify some of the best spots that will give you amazing photos.

You will also be able to locate the larger areas within the venue that are ideal for taking group photos. At this point, you may also take a few shots of the background and try editing them at home to minimize the risk of getting bad shots on the big day.

Aside from the leading wedding venue, also do discuss with the couple other locations they would like to take their portraits. Look for other places where you can have the photoshoot it cases its starts to rain at the venue.

6. Get the perfect lighting.

Lighting is always the key to achieving breathtaking wedding photographs. Every photographer approaches the concept of light in his or her unique way, and there are countless ways that you can manipulate light at the wedding venue.

According to experts, you must know how to maximize the use of available lighting, but most importantly, know how to strike a perfect balance between artificial light and ambient light.

Check the lighting conditions in various spots of the wedding venue both indoors and outdoors, so it is much easier to know which kind of camera and photography gear that you will be using.

Take your camera with you to the wedding venue and practice getting the ideal exposure. This way, you get to make editing the photos much more relaxed and avoid wasting the time of unsalvageable ones. Also, try your best to create the ideal camera setting every lighting condition to help you save more time.

 7.Group shots

All the guests usually want to have a photo of the bride. You must learn how to manage group shots efficiently. Become a bit artistic and plan the timing correctly, so you always get quite several people within one shot. A good strategy you could use to get the best group shot is shooting from an elevated point, so the camera captures a broader area to include everyone.

Also, get a helping hand from your assistant photographer or your partner in terms of controlling the crown since it can be quite challenging, especially when someone becomes confused or distracted. Take as many extra group shots as you can, so it is easier to pick out the best ones during editing.

8. Try capturing the smiles.

Radom photos of the bride, groom and other guests smiling can undeniably add a refreshing, magical twist to your photos. Try looking out for random kids’ laugh, a senior in a corner smiling while having a great time or even the groom smiling when looking at the bride intimately.

You should pay close attention to capture such moments since they are usually rare, and the couple that has hired you will surely be delighted to see them after the wedding.

9. Familiarize yourself with the guests

Familiarizing yourself with the guests that the couple has invited is another beautiful idea. Weddings usually have all types of guests from close friends, neighbors, extended family members, colleagues, government officials, and many others.

Have the couple give you their guest list and single out the VIPs so you can include then in your photo album. Know the names of the distinguished guests to provide you with a much easier time when shooting.

 10. Composition and framing

Some photographers are naturally talented when it comes to framing, while others have to work hard to fine-tune their skills. As you direct your subjects, take enough time to scan the frame before pressing the shutter and be careful to detect other distractions that may give you a bad shot.

Nothing is as disappointing as getting every other thing right only to realize that a branch, balloons, or horizon line cut across your subject’s heads.

11. Create an ideal posing list

Most definitely, on the wedding day, you will get sufficient time to get creative with different poses to take impressive shots.

Posing is as important as the lighting and background, especially when you are staging bridal party shots. Learn to direct the bridal party into achieving the right poses since some people do not know how to feel comfortable when in front of cameras.

To ease the pressure of posing for your subjects, create a posing list before the wedding and identify the most flattering poses for women, men as well as groups.

 12. Be confident and professional.

The bride, groom, and the guests will be waiting upon you for directions towards the next step of the days, and it will be your mandate to organize groups, organize a time to suit the schedule.

You will have to demonstrate lots of confidence that you can do this job professionally. Controlling groups of people who are having fun are one of the most challenging things you can ever do in your career.

Learn to be authoritative when it comes to group shots and other significant ceremonial moments so people can realize you are the one hired to direct people on what to achieve the best shots respectfully.

Remember to dress well and in accordance to the theme of the wedding, so you feel most comfortable when maneuvering between guests. Maintaining a professional appearance may also land you other potential wedding guests to enhance your portfolio further.

Ensure you are also keeping an approachable demeanor, so it is easier for other potential clients to come and talk to you.

13. Pay keen attention to everything surrounding you.

Watching and listening are also essential elements of excellent wedding photography. During the entire wedding, pay close attention to what the guests are saying. Check out the body language as well as facial expressions, so you never miss the unique moments. You will be shocked at how easily you can predict the next action that is to take place at the right time.

Wrap Up

That is just about it – the best tips to click the best pictures at your next wedding.

These tips will undoubtedly help you make the best shots that the bride and groom will cherish for the rest of their lives. Also, ensure that you relax and have lots of fun as much as you would like to appear professional.

If you enjoy yourself to the maximum, it will inevitably translate to the final output. Remember to get a helping hand from another photographer to assist you with things like carrying equipment and directing people, so you have an easier time during the wedding. These are the little steps that always count.